Techtera’s everyday prospecting action for the textile sector

20 . 02 . 2024

By Corinne FARACE, CEO of Techtera

The teams are fully committed to supporting you on a daily basis while preparing for the future and long-term projects.

This involvement is reflected through various actions. In particular, by the efforts made to influence the programming of future European programmes so that textiles are clearly identified. Techtera also actively participates in round tables, raising awareness among general engineers about textile issues and how this industry can react to their objectives.

At the same time, Techtera contributes to the implementation of methods that will allow the sector to best optimise work flows, whether energy, water or logistics.

The innovation cluster is also engaged in upstream programmes, collaborating with other sectors on Life Cycle Analysis methods, in order to identify the main sources of pollutants and analyse potential solutions.

This long-term commitment is not to the detriment of your short-term projects. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss an innovation project, an investment or just an idea.

Recently, our Innovation Commission again approved projects ranging from a few thousand euros to a million euros.

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