TEXINOV®, the adventure of FFP2 masks

02 . 03 . 2021

Almost one year ago, MDB Texinov took up the challenge to manufacture in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region.

As from April 2020, the company chose to make FFP2 masks, which are more effective than surgical or UNS1 fabric masks, because they offer two-way protection.

First step: install production lines for FFP2 masks with a capacity of ten million units per month. As from July 2020, these machines built by CERA, a regional enterprise, operate in parallel with statutory procedures, leading to certification – with excellent results! TexiShield®, an FFP2 certified mask of optimum lightness (3.8g), ensures 99% filtration of 0.6 μm particles and a perfect seal.

In October 2020, MDB Texinov began constructing a “meltblown” filter line to integrate manufacture of the raw material. The building now rises from the ground – to be continued!

Website: https://www.texinov.com/

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