Textile innovations and know-how highlighted at the A+A 2023 show

17 . 11 . 2023

Techtera actively supports those working in the textile sector through participation at the main industrial trade shows. Techtera promotes businesses through an outreach stand as well as the deployment of targeted communication actions. These are carried out via dedicated publications on its social networks; a press kit highlighting the latest innovations; and a catalogue of exhibitors promoting textile know-how and skills.

Below you will discover the catalogue and press kit published by Techtera during the last A+A trade show.

Discover the latest exhibitor press kit designed for the A+A show in October 2023:

  • Alpex Blocker: protection, performance and comfort (page 8 – Alpex Protection)
  • Karapace®, the extreme textile protection by Chamatex Group (page 9 – Chamatex Group)
  • Modyf and Blåkläder are incorporating the clim8® thermoregulation technology. (page 10 – clim8)
  • A digital twin of textile products for improved transparency. (page 11 – clim8)
  • IFTH puts digital at the heart of the ecological transition (page 12 – IFTH)
  • S2G XR, the B2B marketplace platform in extended reality (page 14 – Mitwill Textiles)
  • Dragon, the only self-adjustable harness on the market. (page 15 – MKM Couture)
  • Oteplace: Innovation for Industrial Safety (page 16 – Otego)
  • When RFID becomes invisible (page 17 – Primo1d)
  • Eweave, the revolutionary smart textile made in France (page 18 – Satab)
  • Technisangles tackles the challenge of designing sustainable products (page 19 – Technisangles)


See also the catalogue of exhibitors in the collective pavilion:


Contact: Valentin NALLET – vnallet@techtera.org

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