The Innovation “Success Stories”

11 . 12 . 2018


They are entrepreneurs, creators of start-ups or young innovative companies, researchers, initiators of R&D projects, inventors of new products… And all are members of the Techtera innovation cluster!

Techtera portrays these intuitive, energetic and confident innovation talents who, each in their own way, have revolutionised the textile industry.

But what do they have in common? A little phrase comes back as a theme:

“A firm that does not innovate cannot survive!” And the conviction that: “Nothing is Impossible!”

Some have a method: “apply the principles of creativity every day: give free rein to emerging ideas – never say no – find ways to achieve”.

Also, a philosophy: “innovation, of course, and partnerships”.

Finally, a network: they are all members of the Techtera textile innovation cluster, created in 2005 to support and develop innovation in textiles.


It is very difficult to sketch a portrait of the innovative entrepreneur – there are so many profiles. The only thing they have in common is their conviction and determination. This principle is the driving force behind the “Company and Research Laboratory portraits” produced by Techtera.

A selection of profiles from among the 195 members of the cluster will be sent out on the social networks and the Techtera website. There will also be a press kit release.


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