The TECHTERAFAB, a place for innovative co-working, is under construction!

29 . 06 . 2018

The TECHTERAFAB is not a technical centre, university/school, base or research centre! It is a great facility for delving into one’s imagination. TECHTERAFAB, located very close to IFTH and ITECH, completes our regional and national opportunities, enabling people to come and work together for a given time on projects.

Its special features: an area equipped to accommodate your industrial machines and confirm your concepts on a large scale; shared offices – with confidentiality – and the TECHTERA team to support you.

TECHTERAFAB is the embodiment of innovative co-working with textiles and flexible materials in one single environment. It is a place for everyone working with these materials. Based on a community of partners working together in one physical place, it is UNIQUE PLACE! This is a place for the textile and flexible materials sector.

Do not hesitate to ask us about it. It is due to open at the end of 2019!


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