The UIT and Textil’IA launch a “Textile Traceability System”

16 . 01 . 2024

The UIT (Union of Textile Industries) and Textil’IA, a digital start-up in the sector, are working together to develop a traceability system for the textile sector.

ODITH is an accessible, scalable and modular solution that adapts to the level of digitalisation and the ambitions of each enterprise in the sector.

ODITH collects, centralises and simplifies information relating to product traceability. This will then become essential to enable companies to comply with the new laws (particularly the AGEC “anti-waste” law), to prepare for the implementation of environmental labelling and the DPP (Digital Product Passport).

Each enterprise will be able to store key information about its products and its firm and simply share it with their partners, customers and suppliers: Labels, certificates, origin of product manufacturing stages, societal and environmental data. The aim is to develop an easy to use and accessible system, allowing firms to save time in entering and searching for traceability information.

Around fifty Beta Testing companies will be chosen to test the system for a period of 6 months.


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