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10 . 10 . 2017


Founded in 2009 by Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, 2G2L is a centre for trends and creativity. 2G2L is open to the world and is involved in the cultural, economic and industrial evolutions in Fashion. It is present at professional meetings in PARIS, SHANGHAI, NEW YORK, BERLIN, BANGKOK and ADDIS ABABA.

With its well-thought-out professional organisation, 2G2L is a tool for reading the movements of artistic creation in its many aspects – which Fashion magnifies in its own way with feeling, style, displays, fabrics, colours, accessories…

The enthusiastic partners of 2G2L have the experience and skills necessary today for analysing the currents of aesthetic and sociological influences.

2G2L works with “free spirits”, innovators, working in widely different artistic and professional currents; but all driven by the two forces that allow fashion to advance: namely, curiosity, beauty and the desire to share.



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