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29 . 05 . 2019

DICKSON PTL is a leader for coating and lamination. It has been manufacturing technical fabrics for more than 60 years. In particular, the firm develops applications requiring protection against heat and fire, non-stick coating and abrasion resistance.

Based in the Rhône-Alpes Region, its factory produces fabrics coated with polyurethane, silicone and light PVC. The Dickson PTL sales team is present throughout the world: in Europe, America and Japan. Its distribution network operates in India, Africa, Russia and China.

DICKSON Coatings, a French company founded in 1918, specialises in manufacturing coated fabrics. The company, with a real know-how in warping, weaving and coating, makes articles for use in clothing for the transport, structural, environmental and agricultural markets; also for printing in the advertising and decoration markets.


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