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29 . 11 . 2019

FFBE specialises in the manufacture of membranes. As designer of the first synthetic elastomer membrane, the company has enriched its expertise to offer solutions to industrialists with the design and manufacture of membranes for many sectors, including motor vehicles (its historical expertise), industrial regulation (water, gas, pneumatic), medical, aeronautics, nuclear and electronics.

EFFBE is developing a complete series of membranes capable of meeting the physical, chemical and standard requirements of these sectors with a wide range of materials and combinations of materials: Reciflex® membranes, flat membranes, horizontal or unrolling, as well as elastomer technical components. Today, the company is a leader in the world market for synthetic elastomer membranes.


Thanks to its international production sites, EFFBE offers support for its customers on the main continents (Europe, Asia, America).


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