They are members: E&T Symbiose

05 . 11 . 2019

E&T Symbiose is the first design office in Europe to combine the power of Electronics with Textile Knowledge, putting this perfect symbiosis at the service of enterprises in search of innovative ideas. Under the name “Smart Textile”, E&T Symbiose also creates its own technologies. Warming, luminous or capable of capturing and analysing data, the company focuses on the added value of electronic functions in textile products, but always considering the usage constraints of these textiles.

From feasibility studies, to digital creation, through prototyping, sourcing, drafting specifications and pre-industrialisation – each step takes place among these professionals with multiple achievements and successful projects.

With both key account customers and smaller establishments, the design office works for enterprises from many fields: medical, transport, fashion, security, defence, sport, aeronautics, furniture, etc.


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