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03 . 04 . 2018

Accredited as an Innovative Enterprise, KAMITIS is a company specialising in scientific know-how and strategic and technological developments. It operates mainly with innovative companies but also with institutional organisations.

Among the services KAMITIS carries out for its clients are: scientific surveys, the state of art technologies, market research, technical-economic analysis, benchmarking and due diligence. It regularly publishes analysis notes, explanatory infographics, and interviews with experts available for free on its website:

In parallel with its tailor-made monitoring and investigatory missions for its clients, KAMITIS also carries out in-depth sectoral studies available on its website. These studies deal with innovative subjects and integrate different lines of analysis, among which are:

  • Maps of technologies and centres of academic and individual skills
  • Market research and analysis
  • Identification of technological trends and uses


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