They are new member: WOODOO

16 . 01 . 2024

Woodoo develops augmented wood materials with a low carbon footprint for various applications. It has developed a delignification process, which is the result of experimental research, and crowned with numerous patents. It transforms wood into high-performance technological materials with a unique appearance.

Thanks to its technology, the result obtained is a durable material with the transparency of glass, the strength of metal or the flexibility of leather, depending on the desired application. Woodoo biomaterials are innovative substitutes for the materials most commonly used in industry (plastic, glass, aluminium, concrete, etc).

SOLID is an alternative, which is just as efficient and is lightweight, robust and responsible technology. Its structure, based on a molecular transformation, offers the building sector a solution that has high mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

Woodoo has two other product ranges:

  • FLOW is a new 90% biomaterial that combines flexibility and eco-responsibility. Carbon footprint 21 times less than leather while saving 61% of water in the process.
  • SLIM is a translucent wood. This is ideal for wall panels for the retail trade; also, for interior design projects.


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