They are new members : 3D-TEX

21 . 03 . 2024

3D-TEX is a textile industrial start-up. It positions itself at the convergence of environmental – social responsibility and digital – industrial transformation.

A pioneer in the development and manufacturing of seamless knitting, its innovative approach is focused on zero waste and the complete digitalisation of its procedures. This is thanks to the latest digitalisation and 3D textile manufacturing technologies, using its double and 4 needle bed rectilinear looms.

The company operates in two main sectors: ready-to-wear and technical textiles. The technical textile sector has experienced significant growth in various fields, such as medical (orthotics, compression devices), sports equipment (shoe uppers), industry (protective textiles) and aeronautics (shaped knitted reinforcements).

The 3D-TEX team, made up of around forty people, shares a common vision focused on the use of technology to aid performance, sustainable development and relocation. 3D-TEX consists of a design office and a production factory (knitting and post-knitting finishes).


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