They are new members: AKAMMAK

17 . 11 . 2023

Founded in 2002 in Canada, and now based in Paris, Akammak develops thermo-regulating technical textiles. These innovative textiles improve thermal comfort, optimise performance and offer sustainable products.

The use of recycled fibres, or those of recyclable plant origin, is systematically applied when parameters and constraints allow it.

Thermoregulating textiles are used for the manufacture of outdoor clothing, work wear and military uniforms – providing protection in extreme conditions.

In the construction sector, thermoregulating textiles are used by operators looking for energy efficiency in buildings.

Akammak has therefore designed a textile, called ColdwinnerÒ, which provides excellent thermal insulation while preserving comfort and breathability. It is ideal for cold environments and can be integrated into a wide range of clothing for different activities.


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