They are new members: ATIC

09 . 06 . 2023

Since 1984, ATIC has developed its know-how in the leakproof assembly of flexible materials. ATIC carries out sewing, welding (by high frequency, ultrasound, impulse) and gluing to make containers, holders and storage spaces.

ATIC operates in sectors as diverse as aeronautics, nuclear, environment, medical, leisure, transport, first aid and military. The company makes products to prevent the spread of pathogenic elements or to contain the contamination. It makes the packaging for dangerous waste and precious gases (helium, argon, etc).

ATIC solutions ensure optimum protection from impact shocks (shock absorbance) and to return the energy (rebound). ATIC analyses, designs and develops tools and innovative solutions for improving the value chain and optimising the processes of its clients and partners.


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