They are new members: Ecollant

19 . 04 . 2023

Écollant is a start-up specialising in recycling with the “Deeptech” label for textile innovation.

Strongly rooted in the environmental approach, and accompanied by its associates specialising in the textile industry, Écollant has recruited a dynamic and versatile team of six people. The aim is to develop virtuous recycling processes for the environment. They want to extract the nylon present in used women’s tights and recycle it in a circular loop in France. So, Écollant has joined forces with French laboratories and technical centres in the context of joint research contracts.

In parallel with its research activities, which will enable the start-up to market the first women’s tights recycled from 100% French worn-out tights. The team designs and produces recycled and Made-in-France collections for white label clients, using recycled polyester, marketed under the name Révélation, la marque sincère, – the “Sincere brand”.


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