They are new members: SLOER

20 . 02 . 2024

The French start-up SLOER offers a multifunctional digital identity, which extends the lifespan of textile products.

Created in partnership with the brand names, this digital double takes the form of a QR-code affixed to the product. This, concentrates traceability, repair, recycling and resale of the item in one single tool. It is the first complete & affordable digital identity on the market – with 4,000 products fitted just a few months after its launch.

At the heart of the proposed system: “second-hand” advertisements can be created in just one click, creating a pre-filled form using the brand name data. These advertisements are then visible on, a “second-hand” display place between individuals; designed to promote and commission the brand names.

The other functions offered (traceability, repair, recycling) are powered by specialist partners and are integrated by the brand, as and when they are required.


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