Trade shows: From innovation to commercialisation

18 . 04 . 2024

Innovation is the cornerstone of growth and competitiveness for the French economy. In the textile industry, its role is even more crucial. It needs to react to a great number of challenges and applications. Techtera, an innovation cluster dedicated to textiles and flexible materials, is positioned at the heart of this ecosystem by promoting innovation and collaboration between all those working in the sector.

Is your innovation about to be put on the market? It is now essential to evaluate its suitability for the different application markets; then, identify the commercial target and communicate effectively about the added value to be given to the targeted market. So, the specialist trade shows provide an ideal platform for presenting your product to the markets; and collect valuable feedback for your development.

Indeed, whether in France, Europe or large export markets, by bringing together key players in the industry, trade shows have a determining role in the path from innovation to commercialisation. These events provide a wonderful showcase for presenting and identifying the latest technological advances; also, for exploring new market opportunities.

Choosing a relevant show depends on the targeted market and your objective. A trade show focused on a specific application market can provide targeted exposure and valuable networking possibilities. Whether as exhibitor or visitor, participating in these events allows you to stay at the forefront of trends, build relationships with potential partners and seize new opportunities.

Techtera plays an essential role in the preparation process for these exhibitions by providing quality support to companies; particularly in terms of promotion, logistics and networking.


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