Project description

Promote exchanges between the textile industry and the fields of defence and security at European level, and more particularly on the subject of dual technologies between the civil and military sectors. Objective: to bring out European innovations in this field, and take them to international markets.

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  • Budget: 266,000.00 €
  • Market(s): Industry, Protection/
    Security & Defence
  • Project leader: Techtera (France)
  • Partner(s): Techtera (France, chef de file), NIDV (Pays-Bas), NTT (Italie), (Italie), Safe Cluster (France), SCS (France), SIIT (Italie)
  • Year(s): 2018-2020
  • Project stakes: Develop intra-European exchanges in the targeted sectors, and establish the first stages in cooperation with the targeted countries: USA, Japan and South Korea.
  • Name of the call for projects: Programme COSME de l’Union Européenne
  • Your Techtera contact: J.Rafton-Jolivet