Project description

Develop a manufacturing process for composite parts reinforced with fibres of biological origin – with integrated load control.


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Partnership objectives

BioStruct is a European project involving 10 partners aiming to promote the use of natural fibres as reinforcements in structural and technical composite parts.

Project actions and services to companies

  • Develop a precise draping process to control fibre orientation,
  • Create material models to capture the variability associated with natural fibres,
    Integrate bio-sourced sensors into nanostructures to control surface irregularities.
  • Two pilots will be developed as part of this project:
  • Developing a 6m-long wind turbine blade and a 6m-long motorboat.

All projects

  • Name of the call for projects:  HORIZON-CL4-2023-TWIN-TRANSITION-01
  • Markets:  structural composites excluding aerospace and automotive
  • Project leader: PROFACTOR
  • Partners: Profactor GmbH(Autriche), Noma resins sp.zo.o (Poland), Reparaciines Nauticas Amura SL (Spain), Enginsoft spa (Italy), Fundacion CIDETEC (Spain), Assicoation Techtera Auvergne Rhône Alpes (France), Ideko S Coop (Spain), Bladeworks SRL (Italy), Abele Ingenieure GmbH (Germany), Lumoscribe LTD (Cyprus)
  • Budget: > 8 million euros
  • Start-up year: 2024
  • Project duration: 36 months

Your Techtera contact: Clara LECLAIRE –