Project description

Creation of a value chain based on the use of natural fibres.


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Partnership objectives

CALIMERO focuses on the transition to a sustainable traditional industry.

Five sectors targeted: Construction, wood, textiles, paper, chemical additives.

Three phases: Collect all the data, analysis and processing (artificial intelligence models) and application to practical cases.
Three types of analysis planned: Life cycle analysis coupled to an economic life cycle analysis and a social life cycle analysis.

The budget, 100% financed by the European Union, represents an overall project of 3.52 million euros.

Funded by the EU

Project action and business services

  • Share best practices between sectors with historical similarities
  • Identify and define impactful strategies for the use of bio-sourced materials
  • Develop and disseminate analytical models and adopt parameters having a real impact
  • Lay the foundations of economic and social life cycle analyses for the textile sector
  • Strengthen the skills of the ecosystem through training


All projects

  • Name of the call for projects: HORIZON-CL6-2021-ZEROPOLLUTION-01-06
  • Market(s): Building/
    Civil engineering
  • Project leader: CONTACTICA
  • Partner(s): Contactica S.L (Espagne); Fundación Centro de Servicios y Promoción Forestal y de su Industria de Castilla y León (CESEFOR) (Espagne); WELOOP (France); NEOVILI SAS (France); Association TECHTERA Auvergne Rhône Alpes (France); European Cellulose Insulation Association (Belgique); Svenska Miljoeinstitutet AB (Suède); ESSITY Hygiene and Health AB (Suède); BIM Kemi Sweden AB (Suède); Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Danemark); Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (Luxembourg); EREKS Blue Matters (Turquie).
  • Budget: 3,52 millions d'euros
  • Year(s): 2022
  • Project duration (in months): 36 mois
  • Your Techtera contact: Bruno MOUGIN -