Project description

Identify, characterise and quantify production losses and dormant stocks in the regional textile sector in order to build a recovery support system forthe Lyon Metropolis.

To develop a methodology for mapping the production offcuts and dead stocks of 12 manufacturers

– Explore the value potential associated with the reuse, upcycling or recycling of production offcuts and dead stocks
– Establish the appropriate approach for identifying potentially recoverable deposits
– Develop an appropriate method for characterising production off-cuts and dormant stocks
– Identify the feasibility conditions for recovering these offcuts
– Identify the bottlenecks and areas of innovation that need to be addressed to transform current methods of managing production offcuts and dormant stocks.


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  • Name of the call for projects: ZÉRO DÉCHETS - GRAND LYON
  • Market(s): Building/
    Civil engineering, Fashion/
    Clothing, Fashion/Clothing, Health
  • Project leader: Techtera
  • Budget: 44 471 €
  • Year(s): 2023