Project description

Establish networking activities for scientific and industrial experts in the field of smart textiles. The aim is to promote exchanges between experts. CONTEXT is open to related sectors such as electronics and design, and all professionals from relevant industries can participate in work groups.

All projects

  • Budget: 450,000.00 €
  • Market(s): Industry, Protection/
    Security & Defence, Building/
    Civil engineering, Fashion/
  • Project leader: AEI Textils (Espagne)
  • Partner(s): CONTEXT rassemble 66 experts de 39 pays différents.
  • Year(s): 2018-2022
  • Project stakes: Generate research, development and innovation projects at European level in the smart textiles sector.
  • Name of the call for projects: Europe Cost Action
  • Your Techtera contact: J.Rafton-Jolivet