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Extension of ALLIANCE – Support the internationalisation of European SMEs in technical textiles, connectivity, advanced technologies and advanced materials. The project targets in particular the dual-use (civil and military) security and defence markets in four countries: the United States, Canada, Japan and Indonesia.

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  • Budget: 500,000.00 €
  • Market(s): Industry, Protection/
    Security & Defence
  • Project leader: Techtera (France)
  • Partner(s): Techtera (France, chef de file), NIDV (Pays-Bas), NTT (Italie), (Italie), SIIT (Italie), Systematic (France).
  • Year(s): 2021-2023
  • Project stakes: Establish technological and commercial cooperation between European small /medium enterprises and members of the EU-ALLIANCE project, also with partners in target countries.
  • Name of the call for projects: Programme COSME de l’Union Européenne
  • Your Techtera contact: J.Rafton-Jolivet