Project description

Support the growth, competitiveness, international presence and industrial modernisation of European textile SMEs by improving their capacity for innovation. The project will allow SMEs to benefit from a set of services in order to identify opportunities for international growth in three countries: the United States, Mexico and Vietnam.

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  • Budget: 500,000.00 €
  • Market(s): Industry
  • Project leader: NTT (Italie)
  • Partner(s): NTT (Italie, chef de file), AEI Textils (Italie), ATEVAL (Espagne), CITEVE (Portugal), Techtera (France).
  • Year(s): 2020-2022
  • Project stakes: Establish technological and commercial partnerships in target countries, and affirm the excellence of European textiles as well as its ability to innovate.
  • Name of the call for projects: Programme COSME de l’Union Européenne
  • Your Techtera contact: J.Rafton-Jolivet