Project description

Develop and implement strategies and a set of actions to secure, strengthen and extend the competitiveness of textile SMEs in five target countries outside Europe: Japan, South Korea, Canada, Brazil and Tunisia. Eight European competitiveness groups and clusters united.

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  • Budget: 750,000.00 €
  • Market(s): Industry
  • Project leader: NFID (France)
  • Partner(s): NFID (France, chef de file), AEI Textils (Espagne), ATEVAL (Espagne), Clutex (République Tchèque), EuraMaterials (France), Inntex (Allemagne), NW Texnet (Royaume Uni), Po.in.tex (Italie), Techtera (France).
  • Year(s): 2012-2014
  • Project stakes: Create the first European meta-cluster for the advanced textile materials sector, and develop relationships and partnerships with target countries.
  • Name of the call for projects: Programme-cadre pour la compétitivité et l’innovation
  • Your Techtera contact: J.Rafton-Jolivet