Business culture in Japan

15 . 02 . 2023
Webinar (10h-11h30)

As part of the EU-ALLIANCE and REC-N-COMP  European projects, Techtera members are invited to a webinar devoted to the cultural specificities of the Japanese business community. It will be presented in English, by an expert from the EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation, a centre for industrial cooperation between Europe and Japan.

On the programme:

  • Decision-making process in Japan – resulting time and effort
  • Long-term orientation and building trust
  • Good communication practices
  • Selection of products and services needed in Japan
  • “What to do and What not to do” in Japan.

Registration is free but essential. It is reserved for members of Techtera, and members of partner clusters – Also, clusters of EU-ALLIANCE and REC-N-COMP projects.


Contacts: Robin ODDON – – Julie RAFTON-JOLIVET –

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