Texglobal – Textile mission to Mexico

28 . 03 . 2022 to 01 . 04 . 2022

Thanks to its strategic geographical position, Mexico is a major economic hub between North and South America. In addition, the country has a strong international dimension favoured by numerous free-trade agreements, including with Japan and the European Union.

This results in significant import and partnership requirements; and, therefore, opportunities for European small-to-medium textile firms, particularly as regards the circular economy, smart textiles, and other technical applications (sport, packaging, industry, food businesses, etc).

As part of the European Texglobal project, Techtera invites you to join an exploratory textile mission to Mexico from March 28 to April 1, 2021. You will thus join a delegation of European textile firms and will be able to discover or learn more about the Mexican market.

Among the innovative entry points identified: Machina – Manufacturer of exoskeleton body kits; Galia Textil – Manufacturer of medical devices – from processing the cotton to manufacturing;  CITLAX – Tlaxcala State Research and Innovation Centre; TexTec – Major manufacturer of technical textiles, Pilu – Manufacturers of industrial and institutional uniforms; etc.

Contact: Lucie Lagarrigue – llagarrigue@techtera.org

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