A big step forward for SOFILA with the opening of its new laboratory

19 . 06 . 2024

SOFILA has just reached an important milestone with the inauguration of its brand-new laboratory. Specialising in the development of custom-designed yarns, the enterprise offers a wide range of materials and thread thicknesses, ranging from 10 to 3500 dtex. It offers various yarn transformation processes, such as twisting, assembly, covering and texturing. Over the past twelve months, nearly 100 projects have been completed, involving research into the materials and prototype design; with ongoing discussions between the laboratory and the production teams.

In order to comply with the precision and reliability requirements of its partners, SOFILA has modernised its laboratory. These improvements include providing more space, a review of the lighting, regulating the climate, better organisation of samples and analysis flow. Also, there is a new tool for monitoring the laboratory qualification stages. The tests carried out cover measurement of the count (yarn thickness/length), composition of the yarn, twist, intertwining points, elasticity/breakage, and the texturing index. Each production batch is rigorously tested in the laboratory.

At the same time, SOFILA carries out fundamental research projects in partnership with academic institutions. These allow it to continually improve its technical capabilities.

Website: https://www.sofila.fr

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