A look in the rear-view mirror: back to year 2017 at TECHTERA

03 . 04 . 2018

It’s the end of a thrilling first quarter of 2018 for TECHTERA! Now is the moment to take a break and look back over the past year.

A rich year, continuing the momentum established over several years: stimulating innovatory partnerships; support regarding markets to improve the competitiveness of firms; affirming textiles as an industry offering cutting-edge solutions in areas where they are used.

2017, for the cluster and its 134 members, was among others:

  • Sixteen projects financed for an overall budget of €29 million
  • Twenty-three workshops organised and co-organised with our partners, for 1,000 participants
  • Two new areas of work with clubs (smart textiles & wearables, recycling & the circular economy), and the cluster’s design centre
  • One brand new service: trend programmes for fashion and decoration
  • Seventy firms accompanied at seven international fairs

As for all the other facts and figures, you will find them in our Zoom 2017, enjoy reading them!


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