AJ Biais and Sasytex combine their skills and launch a Cordura® bias ribbon

05 . 11 . 2019

The two French manufacturers have come together to create a product very much waited for by numerous markets. To do this, they chose the performance of the CORDURA® fabric for a bias ribbon, which combines technical know-how and material efficiency.

AJ Biais, a specialist in fabric processing and edge manufacturing, and Sasytex, creator of technical textile systems, decided to combine their skill and know-how to develop a technical bias process using CORDURA® 500D/560dtex fabric, renowned for its durability and excellent abrasion resistance.

This innovative system meets the edging and finishing needs for the markets of technical textiles, workwear, upholstery, military clothing & defence, sportswear and many others – bringing ease, comfort and friction resistance to finished products.

Website: https://www.ajbiais.com/

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