Alliance Machines Textiles: Environmental innovation in post-dyeing drying

21 . 03 . 2024

Alliance Machines Textiles tested a new innovative dyeing machine with its customers and prospects during the ITMA 2019 trade fair in Barcelona.

The aim was to develop an automated drying process for textiles after dyeing, without the need for manual intervention.

After receiving the INNOV’R label from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region with the cooperation of the BPI in 2020, the development programme will come to fruition next June with the commissioning of the first example of the machine, called ROTERA AERO.

After establishing the important stages of prototyping and sizing, carried out by Alliance Machines Textiles, the “drying” function, with its low environmental footprint, was developed with the assistance of the IFTH (French Institute for Textiles and Clothing).

This innovation represents a step forward towards reducing the environmental footprint of the dyeing stage.

The main features will include hands-free post-dye drying with less drying frame costs, non-dilution of primers before treatment and elimination of pre-coating treatment.


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