CANOE is working on the recycling of jeans

28 . 05 . 2019

Worn-out jeans are an important source of cotton, a raw material of interest. In order to make the best use of this resource and to recycle it, mechanical processes of fraying and then spinning are currently used to recreate a textile thread used in the manufacture of new clothing.

However, at the end of this fraying step, 70% to 80% of the recovered fibres are too short to be used in traditional spinning and obtain a cotton thread.

In partnership with 1083, a manufacturer of 100% French jeans, and as part of an ECO-TLC call for projects, CANOE is developing spinning of synthetic fibres from this waste and is manufacturing a cellulose fibre. The stated ambition is the reuse of cellulose fibres obtained from 1083 jeans. The two partners continue their work in this direction for total upgrading of cotton raw material.


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