Fibroline and TWE Group develop a revolutionary concept

27 . 06 . 2019

Baby diapers, feminine hygiene or incontinence products, are usually composed of SAP powder (super-absorbent) impregnated in different types of porous materials (non-woven, fluff, etc.). Homogeneity and controlled location of this powder in the absorbent layer is one of the keys to achieve the best absorption properties. It’s about getting an optimal distribution for the substrate in the thickness, thus avoiding any effect of ʺgel blocking1 ʺ.

TWE Group & Fibroline have developed a revolutionary patent concept: the TWE Amphibia core materials, associating an important hygiene and nonwovens know-how to a unique powder impregnation technology.

Several lines are now running industrial and an acceleration of market penetration of this solution is expected in the coming years, thanks to the increase in demand for more efficient and finer materials. 1 Gel blocking: SAP absorbs liquids so quickly that a layer of waterproof gel is created at the liquid / polymer interface, preventing the diffusion of water.


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