Nouvelles Fibres Textiles (New Textile Fibres): Inauguration of the automated extra-sorting plant for end-of-life textiles – an initiative of the RECIT club

13 . 12 . 2023

At the end of November, Nouvelles Fibres Textiles, the result of the collaboration between Les Tissages de Charlieu and Synergies TLC, inaugurated the first French industrial pilot for automated sorting and dismantling of end-of-life textile clothing. This 2,500 m² unit allows automatic sorting of clothing by colour and composition, while eliminating hard spots and pre-rag tearing. At the end of the line, Nouvelles Fibres Textiles produces a secondary raw material for the fraying, spinning, nonwovens and composite materials industries.

This project came to fruition thanks to applied industrial research work carried out with partners Andritz and Pellenc ST. The results will guide the creation of a second factory in 2025, capable of processing 25,000 tonnes of post-consumer textiles annually, generating around thirty direct jobs.

This advance positions France as a producer of textile fibres, highlighting the country’s ability to upgrade its post-consumer textiles.


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