Partnership agreement between the DITF and Saint-Gobain concerning ceramic fibres

13 . 12 . 2023

Since 1990, the German Institutes for Textiles and Fibres (DITF) have been studying ceramic oxide fibres. They are currently working in collaboration with Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramic Composites (France) to commercialise their technology on an industrial scale. These fibres are used as reinforcement to improve the toughness of ceramic matrix composites (CMC); they can withstand temperatures above 1000°C.

Since 2018, the DITF has operated a pilot plant in Denkendorf (Germany) covering the entire manufacturing chain of these fibres. They entered into a partnership agreement with Saint-Gobain to market OxCeFi A99 (99% corundum) and OxCeFi M75 (96% mullite) fibres; thus, preparing for the start of industrial production in 2025. As part of this close collaboration, the DITF provides the know-how as well as the facilities in order to move this technology on to an industrial scale, while continuing to optimise the manufacturing process.


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