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19 . 04 . 2023

Techtera offers a personalised study service that can take the form of a service or an analysis carried out as part of a subsidised project, in which Techtera is a partner.

Here are some examples of studies Techtera has conducted recently:

Techtera supported CRESS Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in order to obtain a clearer vision of the needs of manufacturers using non-reusable worn-out textiles as raw materials. The aim is to enable those involved in the social and solidarity economy to adapt as well as possible; to equip themselves or even to train themselves; to develop their place in the regional textile recovery sector in a relevant and appropriate way. Techtera thus interviewed textile shredders, recyclers and those involved in the ESS (Social and Solidarity Economy), and a regional centre for economic cooperation. The results of the study will be used as part of the work that CRESS is undertaking with the regional network of resource centres and recycling centres, concerning the management of flows of collected textiles; also, the cooperation to be imagined to find new outlets for them.

Also, the centre carried out a market study as part of the AURAREFIL* project. The aim was to better understand the use of recycled materials, the quantities consumed, the origin of the materials and acceptable prices. To do this, Techtera interviewed manufacturers (weavers and knitters) and brands, of different sizes with various market positions (clothing, packaging, sport, medical, professional clothing).

*The AURAREFIL* project, supported and financed by TLC, the eco-organisation, of which Techtera was a partner alongside Recyc’elit et de Grenoble Alpes Métropole, made it possible to manufacture a yarn in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, from 100% recycled non-reusable worn-out textiles coming from chemically recycled polyester.

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