Questionnaire on the social impact of textile value chain processes

19 . 04 . 2023

Within the framework of the European CALIMERO  project, in which Techtera is a partner, we are asking you to participate in a survey on the social impact of textile value chain processes, from the production of raw materials to distribution to the end customer and the end of the product’s life.

What is the CALIMERO project?

The Calimero project aims at improving the social, economic and environmental performance of bio-based processes. Information on the project can be found here. This survey focuses on social aspects related to the life cycle of bio-based processes. Bio-based processes use biologically sourced materials (e.g., vegetable oils or fibres) as inputs. Biofuels are not considered in the scope of the CALIMERO project.

What is Social Life Cycle Assessment? It is a methodology to assess the social impacts of products and services across their life cycle (e.g. from the extraction of raw materials to the end-of-life phase, e.g. disposal). S-LCA provides information on social and socio-economic aspects for decision-making, in the prospect to improve the social performance of an organization and ultimately the well-being of stakeholders. ” (UNEP, 2020)

What is the purpose of this questionnaire?

The purpose of the questionnaire aims to identify the most relevant categories of stakeholders (i.e., those most affected – positively or negatively – by the supply chain’s activities) and sub-categories (i.e., the aspects that affect the different stakeholder categories) for different bio-based supply chains.

This will help understand the potential positive and negative social impact hotspots related to different bio-based products supply chains.

Your answers should cover as much as possible of the whole spectrum of activities of the value chain of bio-based processes, depending on your knowledge. These activities include the production of raw materials used in the bio-based processes (e.g., cotton farming), fabrication and manufacturing processes (e.g., for turning cotton into T-shirts), the use of products, and their end-of-life (e.g., landfilling or recycling practices).

S-LCA methodology described by our partner Weloop: ici

Votre participation, un atout pour vous !

La participation à l’enquête, vous assure :

  • La possibilité de communiquer sur le projet et ainsi mettre en avant votre engagement RSE,
  • L’accès aux résultats de l’enquête, sur lesquels vous pourrez également communiquer.

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