Sulitec files a new patent for a composite product

17 . 02 . 2020

Always looking for innovation, Sulitec has filed a new patent for a composite product: refrastrat®. It consists of a rigid composite based on mineral resin from the fotistrat® range, reinforced with technical fabrics (glass, carbon, etc) and an integrated complex from the refratex® range.

Thanks to its structure, refrastrat® has better thermal performance with less total thickness and a significant weight gain compared to mineral base composites.

This product finds its applications on panels protecting against thermal radiation, on fire walls, etc. It has a temperature resistance up to 1200°C and good mechanical strength (40 MPa in compression, 62 MPa in bending).

To manufacture this product, Sulitec has acquired new equipment: a new workshop is dedicated to its development and its thermal specifications.


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