TECHTERA and the RECIT Club members initiate a census of industrial textile waste

29 . 06 . 2018

Since its creation in early 2017, TECHTERA’s RECIT Club (Recycling and Circular Economy in the Textile Industry) has been working on the organisation needed for an industrial textile waste recycling sector.

One of the challenges of setting up this sector is to identify the waste to be treated. However, there is no relevant data. Also, the amount of textiles discarded is often not listed by the manufacturers themselves. This is largely due to the lack of recovery procedures. Textile waste is therefore not separated from other industrial waste.

Déchets textiles

Through this census, TECHTERA and its RECIT Club members wish to identify the materials to be recycled, with the aim of bringing them together. It is by consolidating the textile waste present throughout the country that we can reach quantities sufficient for an industrial-scale upgrading and treatment process – using the latest technologies.

Information provided by seven of the Club’s manufacturers has already allowed us to identify 180 tons, annually, of textile waste. The amount already identified shows the need for organising the sector. Nevertheless, maximum response from manufacturers is decisive for ensuring a representative census.

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