Techtera, partner of the European project AlpTextyles

18 . 01 . 2023

The objective of AlpTextyles is to develop collaborative solutions ​for a heritage & consumer sensitive ​relocalization ​of sustainable, circular, and innovative ​Alpine textile value chains.

With its 12 partner organizations from 5 Alpine countries, AlpTextyles gathers precious textile ecosystems to create a common ground of expertise in research and innovation, foster regional development and job creation, and safeguard cultural heritage and circularity.

With a budget of €3 million, the project will be officially launched at the end of January 2023.

During its 3-years implementation, the project will:

  • Map the Alpine textile heritage and circularity
  • Test and evaluate heritage-sensitive circular solutions
  • Transfer solutions into the textile ecosystem

AlpTextyles is co-funded by the European Union, within the frame of the Interreg Alpine Space 2021-2027 programme. The official kick-off will take place in Ljubljana, in January 2023.

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