The 2019 results and outlook for 2020

17 . 02 . 2020

Results 2019

The year 2019 was marked by the Techtera innovation cluster being approved for another four years; confirming textiles as a key sector for the future.

It was a thrilling year with:

  • Eight trade fairs at which Techtera supported 109 companies
  • Four joint missions organised abroad, representing 20 firms supported
  • Three projects funded and approved by Techtera
  • More than 50 national and international workshops

The versatility of potential textile applications is a major opportunity for the textile sector. Today, textiles find their place in transport, building, health, sport and leisure, protection & safety, fashion, decoration and luxury; as well as in many other industrial fields.

Outlook 2020

The Techtera policy for 2020 is to stimulate a new dynamic through three crosswise technological strategies aimed at targeted markets:

  • Smart and high-performance materials
  • Circular Economy
  • Factory of the future and new economic models

Techtera’s ambition is to strengthen enterprise competitiveness through innovation and continue supporting firms in 2020 on present and future markets by creating and setting up joint R&D projects, and continue consolidating European cooperation.

The major steps taken in recent months, linked to our change of premises with their new tactical position and the many projects in the pipeline, confirm our strategy. They encourage us to focus our efforts on exploiting what we now have to offer, thanks to the new technical hall to accommodate equipment, which will be used by partnerships to develop and manufacture prototypes and small series for tomorrow’s products.

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