They are members: GENIUS Objects

30 . 08 . 2019

Inventor of the connected zipper, Genius Objects is an Internet Of Things and e-textile French startup.

Genius objects is the worlds premier manufacturer of connected textile fasteners.

The Zip and Go® technology, launched in 2017, allows to use a simple daily gesture, such as closing your bag or coat, to activate new connected functions: send a notification on your smartphone, switch on a light on the product, turn on a heated textile etc. Zip and Go® is a patented technology, developed and manufactured in France.

Positioned on the B to B, Genius Objects supports textile companies in the development of connected products. The young company, created in 2016, offers several easy-to-integrate “turnkey” kits with intelligent functions: lightning kit, anti-loss safety kit, sealling kit for security and logging of openings. These solutions, ready to be integrated, include electronics, digital and textiles.


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