They are members: Sable Chaud

15 . 01 . 2020

Sable Chaud specialises in the integration of new technologies and especially micro-electronics in textiles.

Florence Bost, the founder, has been working since 2003 with manufacturers upstream of creation, offering idea notebooks, creation, prototyping and training. Thanks to her product-design training, her approach involves the user throughout the design stage. Winner of the Villa Kujoyama in 1997, her time there was the opportunity for deepening her research into the physical and conceptual integration of new technologies in textiles and for producing several innovative prototypes, including a “sound” jacquard. She designed the E-NF collection of connected ribbons, for the Satab Company, released in 2018. Witness of the arrival of new technologies into the textile sector, she is also a French expert for the European standardisation commission for smart textiles.


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