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02 . 03 . 2021

Extracthive is an SME (small to medium enterprise)  specialising in the development of technology for the separation and recycling of mineral/ores, industrial co-products and end-of-life waste.

The core business of the company is to: Provide top-quality materials at lower price – Reduce the energy and carbon footprint of industrial processes – Reduce the production of virgin raw materials – Promote the circular economy and regional sources of supply.

The Extracthive flagship project concerns the recycling of “Carbon-fibre Reinforced Polymer” composite materials (CFRP). These materials are widely used for applications requiring strength and lightness, but their production cost is high.

Since 2016, Extracthive has been developing an innovative process based on chemical vapour treatment of CFRPs. This system makes it possible to produce top-quality recycled carbon fibre at low cost, while reducing the environmental impact of the material.

This technology, called PHYre® and patented by Extracthive, is the subject of European funding by EIT Raw Materials. A demonstrator unit, capable of processing one tonne of composite per batch, will be commissioned in 2022.

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