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19 . 10 . 2021

In 2019, two professors, a materials specialist and a chemist, joined forces with the optimistic idea that through molecular chemistry, they could change the future of fashion.

So, the company developed Airwear, a new textile fibre, with the same properties as polyester, but which contains only 30% CO2 – with a carbon footprint reduced by a factor of two.

The technology is inspired by Tawfiq research work led by one of the executives. The team now consists of eight people based in its research laboratory in Loges-en-Josas (78).

The Fairbrics ambition is to scale up its processes. To achieve this, it is at present working on the construction of a pilot line.

The Fairbrics mission is to fight climate change by developing circular textile manufacturing processes, using renewable resources instead of petrol-sourced products.

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