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Our funded projects


Develop an innovative multifunctional facade cladding system with mineral appearance in the context of renovation and new construction.

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Support the internationalisation of European SMEs whose activities are related to the manufacture of composites from recycled materials, particularly textiles. A joint internationalisation strategy will be developed and tested, targeting three countries: the USA, Japan and Singapore.
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Work on the highest possible incorporation of recycled PVC and recycled plasticised PVC, especially for the thin film coating and extrusion process.

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SENsor Textile Monitoring Infrastructures – Development in the civil engineering sector of a 2D fibre optic surface sensor solution for infrastructure monitoring to prevent incidents.

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Support the growth, competitiveness, international presence and industrial modernisation of European textile SMEs by improving their capacity for innovation.

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Develop new industrial manufacturing processes for high-performance flexible textile materials for more efficient thermal insulation.

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Application markets

Textiles are everywhere!

Covers - Anti-hail protection - Anti-insect nets – Clips...
Composites for safety – Insulation - Building reinforcements - Soil reinforcement - Erosion management…
Components for clothing and footwear (Ready to wear, luxury, accessories)…
Implants – Prosthetics – Orthotics - Care devices- Sutures - Textile sensors …
Packaging - Filtering materials - Textile reinforced composites …
Straps - Ropes - Belts - Water repellent garments - fireproof/ CBRN garments. - Luminous textiles …
Sails - Canvas - Raquettes - Breathable, water-repellent and resistant clothing...
Airbags - Filters - Tires - Fairings - Composites - Interior lining - Alternative products to steel, insulators...
Associated components - Resistant covers - Household linen - Curtains …