Economic benefits of FUI projects (French government fund for innovation clusters)

04 . 03 . 2019

The finance committee held in mid-December 2018, as at the end of each year, was the moment for examining current projects. Fourteen consortia presented their progress reports for projects financed through the calls for projects from this fund for innovation clusters (FUI).

The size of these consortia varies between four and eleven partners, including at least two research organisations. With an average budget of €3 million and a FUI grant providing over 40%, the projects presented address issues covering a wide range of fields, including the medical sector, public works and smart textiles.

These projects are spread over three to four years. Nevertheless, whatever their state of progress, the financial benefits are already visible:

For the projects submitted, thirty-eight jobs have been created to date; nearly a quarter of them on permanent contracts, not counting posts that these projects have helped to maintain, such as employment for trainees, apprentices and students. Ten articles have appeared in scientific publications; this number is expected to double as the projects progress. These projects have also had a positive impact on partners as regards intellectual property, with the filing of a dozen patents and four Soleau “envelopes” (memoranda concerning inventions).

Participation in these projects has enabled partners to develop innovative solutions resulting in financial benefits, enlarged workforce, visibility and intellectual property rights.


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