News from TECHTERA “Design Residence”

24 . 05 . 2018

Very good news for the TECHTERA Design Residence that ended in March !

With 87 persons supported, this initiative, headed by the “Cité du Design” and funded by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, was an inspiration for the TECHTERA teams and members and gave us a new look at innovation.

Using awareness programmes and teamwork during key events of the cluster, the two residential designers, Céline Michelland and Fabienne Le Henaff, highlighted the importance of design in the innovation process – placing utilisation at the centre of our thoughts.

The “Residence” was also the occasion for personal support for companies from all levels of the textile value chain: raw material, yarn, weaving, knitting, finished product, etc. This support demonstrated that design has its place in all trades, helping participants to consider their approach to innovation from a new angle.

The “Residence” comes to an end, but design does not stop at TECHTERA. Utilisation is now a concern at the heart of the cluster’s workshops; and the strong links woven with designers and the “Cité du Design” will be the opportunity for you to experience other facets of design in the future.

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