“Spinning Info”, already 14 years old!

02 . 09 . 2019

Our pioneering digital newsletter meets its subscribers and makes new followers.

The e-mail has not disappeared for the benefit of other modes of instant communication contrary to what some web experts told us. “Newsletter – why not a fax”?

Of course, a newsletter is not a new phenomenon; but today information is constantly renewed on the web by e-mail.

Why this return in force of the newsletter?

With the overabundance of information, it’s not easy to avoid indigestion. Demands of social networks, mobile alerts and the multiplication of information on dedicated sites are time-consuming with few satisfactory results.

This state of affairs pushes us to reintroduce selection.

The new step in digital migration is for more private channels; direct connection to create links not really existing on the social web. With our newsletter, we “get out” of the algorithm battle to reach our audience.

Launched at the same time as the innovation cluster, the Techtera newsletter has evolved over time, expanding to provide information closer to the concerns of its subscribers.

Today, we are proud to have more than 10,700 subscribers from the textile world and ecosystem. “Spinning Info” has an opening rate more than 21.4% over the last six months of this year.

We have a close relationship with our readers, and make every effort to ensure that our newsletter is also yours. We provide a monthly factual report on the various activities; plus giving our members an opportunity to talk about themselves (publishing their news and highlighting two of our members every month).

The newsletter is issued in three languages (French, English and Japanese) giving it an international dimension in terms of the sector’s influence.

We thank you warmly for your conscientiousness and contributions.

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